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Spotlight on Austria

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Magnet in middle Europe:

Flexible funding, collaborative colleagues, excellent infrastructure and a great lifestyle are attracting researchers from around the world to Austria.


Am 23.04.2014 ist ein Beitrag im Journal Nature erschienen, in dem die Forschungsinitiativen wie NAWI Graz und BioTechMed lobend erwähnt wurden.




Als Interviewpartner fungierte unter anderem der Molekularbiologe Dr. Stefan Schild.




Infection biologist Stefan Schild, a German, and his wife, also a scientist, chose Graz when they moved from Boston back to Europe to be closer to their families. Schild was lured by a €40 million new molecular biology facility built at the University of Graz in 2007. “It had fantastic infrastructure: a state-of-the-art animal facility, a confocal microscopy suite and a whole floor for infection biology research,” he says.


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