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3rd European Lipidomic Meeting

Donnerstag, 14.02.2013

Invitation from Michal Holčapek

Chairman of 3rd European Lipidomic Meeting

The online registration for 3rd European Lipidomic Meeting (Pardubice, Czech Republic, July 2 - 4, 2013) is launched now at the conference website:





The conference will contain 8 sessions with 32 lectures in total including prestigious invited speakers (E. A. Dennis, S. J. Blanksby, A. Shevchenko, X. Han, K. Ekroos, B. Spengler, H. C. Kofeler), lectures of golden sponsors (AB SCIEX, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Waters) and 21 short oral presentations of participants. The vital part of the conference will be 4 poster sessions, so each participant will have an opportunity to present his/her new results. The following manufacturers have confirmed their participation so far: AB SCIEX, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waters, Advion, Bruker Daltonics and Sigma-Aldrich.



The social program should enrich the scientific part of the meeting. The welcome mixer will be held in historical halls of Pardubice Chateau (http://www.pardubice.eu/eng/touristinfo/places-of-interest/sightseeings/chateau.html) with opened expositions of famous Czech glass. The social dinner on the second conference day (menu attached) will be organized in renovated Bohemian brewery in Dasice (http://www.dasickesklepy.cz/) serving the local pilsner lager and dark beer prepared according to the original recipe from 1616.



The regular conference fee is 150 Euro (120 Euro for students) including 21% VAT for the early payment until April 12, 2013. The conference website provides all details including the program schedule, online registration & accommodation booking form, travel instructions, etc. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact the conference secretariat (elm2013@c-in.eu).


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