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Biochemie I



Master thesis Structural biology: Characterization of G0S2, a novel inhibitory protein in lipolysis

An excellent opportunity is open for a master thesis for students of Chemistry and/or Molecular Biology in the Structural Biology Group of the Institute of Molecular Biosciences (University of Graz, Austria). Your task will be to characterize the protein G0S2, a novel inhibitory protein in lipid metabolism. In humans, excess lipids are stored in the form of triacylglycerols. Upon demand, these stored triacylglycerols are mobilized and get hydrolyzed in the first step by a lipase called Adipose Triglyceride Lipase (ATGL). This lipase is regulated, amongst others, by two proteins, the activator protein CGI-58 and the inhibitory protein G0S2. Research on all these proteins is of outstanding interest in different reseach laboratories in Graz, especially at the Institute of Molecular Biosicences (including the group of M. Oberer), the Medical University of Graz, and Graz University of Technology.

Techniques: Cloning, protein overexpression in bacteria, protein purification, biophysical and biochemical characterization of proteins (CD spectroscopy, microcalorimetry, binding studies, activity assays), protein crystallization, 3D structure analysis, NMR spectroscopy. Previous knowledge in specific techniques of structural biology is not required.

The exact research techniques will be decided upon the current progress of the research and interest of the student.

The above mentioned research will be carried within the framework of the priority research program SFB-Lipotox. Candidates interested in the above areas of science are encouraged to contact Monika Oberer (380-5483, m.oberer(at)uni-graz.at)


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