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Valentin's discoveries about the mechanism of nuclear import of Rps3 are published in Scientific Reports

Mittwoch, 22.02.2017

Valentin Mitterer, Nadine Gantenbein, Ruth Birner-Gruenberger, Guillaume Murat, Helmut Bergler, Dieter Kressler, and Brigitte Pertschy.

Scientific Reports 2016, 6:36714

In our previous study we showed that Rps3 forms dimers, and that Yar1 is bound to only one of these two Rps3 molecules in vivo. Here, we investigated the nuclear import of this intriguing complex. Interestingly, the nuclear localization sequence of Rps3 is directly adjacent to the Yar1 binding site in the very N-terminal part of Rps3, and Yar1 competes with importins for Rps3 binding. Still, we found complexes containing Rps3, Yar1 and importins in vivo, suggesting that Rps3 can be imported in a complex containing importin bound to one Rps3 molecule and Yar1 to the second Rps3 in the dimer.

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